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Learning to code helps develop creativity

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Learning to code helps acquire rigor in writing


Knowing how to code increases the chances of finding a job

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Learning to code helps develop visual thinking skills


Solving logical problems regardless of the technology

Digital Literacy

Knowing how to code means being in tune with the times

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Frequently Asked Questions

Programming (or coding) is a manifestation of computational thinking, a problem-solving process that involves several intellectual skills such as logical analysis of data, visual representation of problems, and building solutions based on series of instructions or algorithms.

Understanding how a computer works is essential for developing computer applications, but this ability can also be used to support problem solving in other disciplines, such as mathematics, and engineering.

Coding Park is a game-based learning platform that helps children learn computational thinking while having fun. Our educational journey unfolds gradually, through sixteen chapters tackling the fundamentals of algorithms through the adventures of Cody and his crew.

Several children cannot share the same account, because the progress of one can overwrite the progress of the other. We offer discounts when you add additional children to an existing account.

Yes, your subscription will automatically renew by default. After the purchase, you have a right of withdrawal of 14 days from the date of renewal.

If you wish to take this step, simply log in to your account and click on “Cancel my subscription” from the settings page. You can cancel your subscription at any time, which is effective from the start of the next payment period. In other words, you retain access to the services to which you have subscribed until the end of the period for which you have paid.

The goal is to program Cody to let him find the treasure in time, with the best  possible score. The challenge is to find the algorithm that leads Cody to the treasure while avoiding obstacles and ennemies. Other game mechanics makes the progression even more fun such as teleportation and fight. Use the code editor on the left-hand side of the screen to write the instructions using the keyboard. Click the “Play” button to see the code being executed instantly on the right-hand side of the screen. To solve a challenge, we always start testing the given solution, we often identify an issue, then we complete or correct any bug in the code to fix the issue. To help you in this process, contextual help is offered through the character of Luna, and the user manual accessible from the “Book” button at the top right of the platform.

To use the Coding Park, you need a PC or Mac, a secure internet connection, and a modern web browser (prefer Firefox, Chrome, Safari). The Blockly code editor can be used on tablets.

We are computer science enthusiasts; Jabier Martinez and Amine Lajmi, experts in software tools for engineers and scientists. We built Coding Park as a bridge to bring our know-how in the field of K-12 Education. Coding Park is nothing but a simulator where the actual simulation is a video game. The tech embedded in this platform is the result of +10 years of expertise working on modeling and simulation tools for various industries. At Coding Park, we sublimate the essential concepts and simplify the algorithmics, as we hide the complexity in different ways, through visual representations, text-based programming, and actually coding with Python.

We offer three code editors adapted to the age and development of each child.

  • Blockly (from 6 years old): start with visual blocks like on Scratch
  • Pseudo-code (from 8 years old): learn the basics of textual coding
  • Python (from 12 years old): approach a real programming language
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