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About this curriculum

This course is intended for children aged 6 to 14.

This curriculum contains 15 live sessions, 1 hour per week. The curriculum will cover the complete learning path of Golden Quest, our treasure hunt. Every week, your child is supported by one of our trainers to get hands on more and more elaborated programming concepts while having fun programming Cody.

Take to the high seas, visit islands and code your robot to find buried treasures – but beware, you are not alone!

At each session, we focus on a particular subject. We start by the game mechanics, we then deep dive into procedures, parameters, variables, loops, nested loops, expressions, etc. All the way long, we monitor the progress of your child, thanks to our automated evaluation method.

To follow the sessions, you need a laptop, a secure internet connection, and a modern web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Login details will be sent to you a few hours before the workshop. These identifiers will be used to connect to the platform at the event time.


We propose an online curriculum in the form of a treasure hunt game whose objective is to help students develop various skills.


Computer programming

The first lessons introduce the syntactical rules, the game mechanics, and introduces some core concepts. The following lessons cover computer programming in depth, such as using procedures, variables, parameters, loops, expressions, etc.


Coding Park inspires students to learn by creating. The platform lets students create and share their own challenges. Our language agnostic game engine lets students have the choice of using visual blocks, text-based coding, or Python, while engaging them in the game adventure.

Spatial cognition abilities

Your kid learns how to represent a visual problem and to identify recurring shapes, recursive shapes, etc. He/she will learn to define a more or less complex path on a map, to understand an algorithm and to draw a path for which the algorithm is a solution.

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