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Learn to code like a hero!

A gentle introduction to the wonderful world of algorithms

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Our missionHelp kids, parents, and educators develop computational thinking skills with fun video games!

Easy Setup

With Coding Park, start coding sessions in few minutes, no training needed, it's all easy.

Innovative Pedagogy

Progressive learning, from visual blocks, to real-world programming with Python.

Level Designer

With our visual editor, children express their creativity to create their own challenges.

The Dashboard

Use the Dashboard to launch and supervise your workshops with complete peace of mind.

A platform for both students and educators

Coding has become so important that schools are trying to introduce it in classrooms. However, many teachers do not know how to code, or at least are uncomfortable with it! Coding Park is built to solve this problem; it provides easy to use educational resources suitable for primary school curriculums.

  • 120+ amazing coding challenges
  • Build your islands with our challenge editor
  • Experience coding with our smart text editor
  • Set up coding classrooms in few clicks!

WHY CHOOSE USA complete curriculum, which integrates the visual blocks, writing algorithms in pseudo-code, up to writing programs in Python

  • Progressive learning method

    Which unfolds gradually over several chapters

  • Multi-language support

    English, French, and Spanish are supported

  • Learn computer programming

    With 3 code editors adapted to the level of each child

  • Develop spatial awareness

    By guiding a video game character through levels

  • Develop reasoning skills

    By finding smart solutions to logical problems

  • Learn while having fun

    Gamified learning allows children to progress quickly

OUR PLANSTry coding now! With your kids at home, or with your students at school, no prior knowledge of coding is required.


Family Plan

Individual license for parents and homeschoolers

$39 /year

Or $9 /month
  • 1 child
  • 120+ challenges
  • Challenge designer
  • 1h training session
  • Online support


Teacher Plan

Ideal for supervising small groups of students

$312 /year

Or $29 /month
  • 10 students
  • 120+ challenges
  • Challenge designer
  • 1 teacher account
  • Online support
  • Dashboard
  • Teach via video conferencing


School Plan

School-sized licenses, adapted for classroom use

  • 20+ students
  • 120+ challenges
  • Challenge designer
  • 1+ teacher account(s)
  • Online support
  • Dashboard
  • Teach via video conferencing

« We know Coding Park since its creation in 2018 and we can attest to the professionalism of this structure and the quality of the product, which we use as part of our Kids Coding Club extracurricular workshops. »

Stéphane A. General Delegate of La Ligue de l'Enseignement, Paris, France


« What I particularly like are the graphics of course, the characters, the objects like the "Teleporter", this one caused a sensation! Teamwork, in our own words, we explain and we try to get the classmates to find the solution. »

Samantha R., IT Animator, Sacré Coeur School, Paris, France


« I prefer it to CodeMonkey which is a similar competitor to yours, and though your website isn't as polished, I think the tasks are better. Coming in at a cheaper price point will be important, I think - in your growth. Well done so far! »

James W., Teacher at Clifton High School, Bristol, UK


« The game really captivated the kids. They are a bit geek and good students originally. I let them play by themselves. Watching the program run line by line is awesome, that's really how I think of writing code. »

Olivier H., Father of Gaspard and Ulysse

Our online sessionsJoin our online coaching sessions, in small groups or in 1-on-1 sessions, for support at your children's pace.

Holiday Camp

From Monday to Friday

5 daily online sessions of 1 hour 30 minutes each, during which your child will go through the entire course with the help of a coach.

Coaching Session

Wed., 2:00pm – 3:00pm CEST

Book a 1-hour online session with one of our coaches and get one-on-one support.

Taster Session

Wed., 11:00am – 12:00pm CEST

Book for free a 1-hour online session with one of our coaches, and get a taste of Golden Quest.

They Support US

Ecole Alma
Ecole Alsacienne
Clifton High School
IFEA Clichy
Ligue de l'enseignement

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