A look back at Coding Park’s 2021 and onwards a promising 2022!

This is a quick update to let our community know about all the amazing achievements we’ve done so far, here are some of the key highlights from 2021!

Discussions are about to end with investors to complete our very first fundraising round. We have already secured 400k€ to sharpen up our marketing strategy and give a boost to our positioning globally.

We won the D4D (Diaspora for Development) challenge funded by the European Union and the German Agency for International Cooperation GIZ, and Afkar Incubator. We obtained a grant that will support our international growth, in particular in Africa, where we have already ongoing collaborations. Our first coding school in Africa will be located in Tunisia.

After being selected among the “Top 100 startups where to invest in 2021″ by Challenge Magazine, we have been shortlisted in the “58 top edtech startups and companies in France for 2021” by BestStartup.eu.

Sahra, our new growth hacker and illustrator has onboarded and started contributing new assets and content to our social network pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more recently to our new Instagram page.

We’ve released the long-awaited Python editor, which teaches children one of the hottest programming languages. We ran a test campaign throughout December, and the full-featured editor will be released soon.

Finally, we are about to release a brand new block-based editor!

The visual editor, built on top of Blockly, and nicely integrated with Python through a bi-directional transformation, will allow us to enlarge our target audience, as well as to support mobile devices. Blockly is particularly suitable for use on tablets with easy drag-and-drop, and its integration will allow us to on-board easily 6+ years-old children in the coding adventure. In addition, more surprises and new game mechanics are planned to enrich the learning experience.

We hope to see you near by in the upcoming months in 2022, until then Happy New Year!

The Coding Park Team