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What’s Coding Park?

Coding Park is an interactive e-learning platform that help kids learn computational thinking while playing video games. Kids code the progression of the main game character using a simple programming language called Play which aggregates the main concepts of any programming languages, including variable declarations, references, loops, conditional experessions, and so on.

What’s Golden Quest?

Coding Park’s Golden Quest is a video game where players code the actions of Cody the robot in order to solve puzzles and find treasures. The robot actions are expressed with Play language. For example, the robot can move, jump, fight, dig, etc.

Who’s this game for ?

Anyone can play the Golden Quest! Adults with no programming background find this game funny and instructive. Kids love the idea of telling the robot what to do, and they like the ability to create and share their own lands and treasure maps.

Where should it be played ?

There is no restriction as far as there is a laptop and an internet connection. But to be more precise, Coding Park games can be played:

  • At home. This online game is a kid-safe environment
  • At the school. Feel free to use it as part of a teaching curriculum
  • At code clubs. Feel free to use it in this informal events with kids

Still have questions ?

We’ll be pleased to answer all your questions, please drop an email to