Amine Lajmi, PhD
Amine is a computer scientist, expert in language engineering and software architectures. He has more than 10 years of experience in various industries, including oil & gas, automotive, aerospace, and web. He contributes to several open-source projects and speaks regularly in conferences. Amine is responsible of all Coding Park’s game engines.
Simon Dedieu

Simon is a 2D animator and graphic designer. He is a fan of new technologies and his first passion is to work in video games creation. Simon is responsible of Coding Park’s characters design and animation. He has already worked on a couple of 2D games projects, Coding Park is his new challenge.

Jabier Martinez, PhD
Jabier is a researcher in software engineering and holds a post-doc position at Sorbonne University UPMC. His research interests include and not limited to variability management, software product line engineering, mining existing assets, and reverse engineering. Jabier is responsible of the Pirate Robot game animation and the Play language design.
Bastien Savarit

Bastien is a passionate game designer and developer. As a tech expert, he’s involved into several aspects of the Coding Park project. His roles range from designing the UI and the game levels, building the level designer, and above all making sure the game offers an enjoyable experience for our users.