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Coaching Sessions

About this event

This online coaching session aims to help your children understand the basics of programming through our treasure hunt game. The workshop lasts 1 hour during which your child is accompanied by one of our trainers using videoconference.

These workshops are aimed at children aged 7 to 14.

Throughout the workshop, we follow the learning path of Golden Quest, our treasure hunt game. The first lessons present the basic principles, namely the syntactic rules, the main procedure, the elementary actions which once combined, produce more complex displacements, the identification and the fix of simple bugs, basic notions on iteration loops, as well as tips for moving the robot around the map. In each level, the objective is to program Cody so that it can find the treasure in time with the highest score.


Coding Park offers fun workshops to introduce children to computer thinking through simulation and video games. Our methodology allows us to focus on the essential, thanks to a coding experience more realistic than the bricks of Blockly (Scratch), associated with a visual composition totally independent of programming languages.

Our workshops and courses have the particularity of combining several areas of learning. Computer science is at the center of the program, but other notions will be acquired. By attending our workshops, your child will:

  • Learn the basics of coding easily,
  • Get prepared for real-world programming languages,
  • Learn to creatively solve logical problems,
  • Acquire concepts in English and travel in space.

Practical information

To follow this workshop, you need a laptop, a secure internet connection, as well as a modern web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari). Make sure your microphone and webcam are operational. Login details will be sent to you by email a few hours before the workshop. These identifiers will be useful for you to connect to the platform.