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      Aug 21, 2018

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Golden Quest, Coding Sessions and First Game Reviews!
Golden Quest, Coding Sessions and First Game Reviews!

Many good things have been happening at your Coding Park!

We had been working on getting your feedback, advertising Golden Quest, and creating more and more levels with pedagogic value.

In the middle of last November we participated in a big event for kids at Paris. During 3 full-days we had a lot of fun looking at the reactions of our users and getting a lot of feedback and nice comments. Two of these days were open to the public and the third day was dedicated to school groups, so apart from hundreds of kids, we met both educators and parents. We love to hear from different points of view 🙂

Some weeks before this event, we had a good news! We were selected and nominated as finalist of the Startup for Kids 2017 contest in the “Tools for Educators and Students” category. For the selection of the three finalists, they took into account the votes of the community and the opinion of a specialized jury.

Unfortunately, we did not had the prize, but the experience was enriching and we had the opportunity to pitch our platform to a large audience during the event. It was very satisfactory to hear that our work on the students progress dashboard has been appreciated by educators.

In December, we continued working on the game based on users feedback and we added new lessons and challenging puzzles.

Then, this January 2018, we were happy that others started to talk about Coding Park and our first game Golden Quest. Geek Junior, a well-known online magazine for kids and technology, wanted to talk about us! They made a review of the game and they highlighted its capability to be a perfect candidate as a transition from block-based languages to real world programming languages. Apart from their personal review, they included a long interview where we explained our opinion about this subject. You can read the complete interview here:

In the meanwhile, we had another nice surprise. Phaser World, a community of game developers, selected Golden Quest as the “Game of the Week” and they made a very inspired review highlighting both the educational and entertainment values of the game. You can read the complete review here:

As a summary, after these months, we gathered a large list of testimonials from different perspectives: kids, parents, educators, and specialized individuals. The feedback about Coding Park and Golden Quest was very encouraging, so stay tuned!

Golden Quest Beta Has Been Released!

After three months of hard work, we have released the very first beta of Golden Quest!

This coding game is the natural evolution of the Adventures of the Pirate Robot, but this time, it’s gonna be huge! The killer feature is the level designer, an interactive graphical designer that allows to design challenges from scratch. Start from an empty level, drag and drop land, monsters, bridges, teleporters, and so on. Then, start writing the algorithm that solves the challenge, and debug it in real time!

We would love to have more feedback on this beta. We have already started a closed testing campaign on September 30th, and we think to put more people in the loop. All you have to do is to register here and we will send you an invitation by email. During the beta testing campaign, you will get a free access to the game, so hurry up 😉

Our very first coding session
Our very first coding session

Yes, we did it! Our very first coding session happened today. A group of ten kids from 8 to 12 years old, have experienced the adventures of the Pirate Robot. The event took place in Ullink, a software company located in Paris. Together with employees from the company, we scheduled a coding session for a half day. The kids really enjoyed the game, they were focused on the mapping of keywords and their french translation in the white board; that was a double challenge for them. We were encouraged to translate the Play language in other languages, in particular the French language.


Why should kids learn to code?
Why should kids learn to code?

Knowing how to code, or more generally speaking, how to think computationally to solve a problem, is going to be a must for our society independently of the professional field.

As such, learning to code from an early age is the first step towards being tomorrow’s programming rock star. We, as today’s rock stars, know this because we used to play with code when we were kids. Do you remember Logo? (yes, the turtle drawing squares and crazy spirals!). It is a game for learning to code where you give instructions to a turtle. The Pirate Robot, just like the Logo’s turtle, is based on a programming language which has been developed specifically for kids.

We invite everybody to join the adventures of the pirate robot and help him find incredible treasures. New levels and improvements will come soon. The game has been tested in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Please do not hesitate to give us your feedback.

Happy coding!