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Coding Park

Learning While Having Fun!

The Coding Park Team is working hard to launch a new platform that's going to change the way kids learn coding. Experience your first coding adventure by playing Golden Quest, our first game. Leave us your email below, and we'll notify you the minute we open the doors!

Take part in The Golden Quest and write the code of Cody, the pirate robot, to help him find treasures. Cody needs the treasures, because it's the only way he can deliver the world from Voltar, and thanks to you and Luna the mermaid, he will make it. The more you help Cody finish the challenges, the better will be your coding skill.

Learn Programming

Create Your Own Challenges

Group Coding Sessions

Invest in the future of your children

Coding Park teaches computational thinking, it's how software engineers solve problems; it combines mathematics, logics and algorithms, and teaches a new way to think about the world.

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I've tried the alpha, and I must confess I had fun playing codingpark.io myself!

Olivier Constant

J'ai fini les vingt premiers niveaux de la version alpha plus vite que mes deux enfants.

Julie Dumortier

I've seen the alpha on HTML5 Game Dev forum, this game is very nice, congratulations!

Adrian Scheff


About Coding Park

Coding Park is an interactive e-learning platform that helps kids learn computational thinking while playing games. Our unique technology allows to reproduce a full-blown developer experience adapted to kids (K-12). Kids code the progression of game characters using a programming language having the core concepts of any real world programming language, they can create and share their own treasure maps. By making the learning process fun and interactive, kids are immersed in the learning experience as if they were exploring a world of infinite possibilities.